Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Mink (S1E36)

More komedy from Alfred Hitchcock, this time explaining that he has given up on his diet and is trying sports.


Actual Closed Caption

That hilarity comes at the end of the episode, but it is kind of a slog to get there.  Woman buys fur on the cheap.  She is later busted as it had been stolen.  She pleads her innocence, but the conspirators deny ever having met her.  As always on AHP, justice prevails.  For a complicated episode, it is pretty easy to summarize.

Normally I like these kinds of mysteries where someone just seems to have disappeared and only one person remembers them.  Hitchcock did this earlier and better in his film, The Lady Vanishes; and in an earlier AHP episode, Into Thin Air.

ahminkdawn01But on to more important matters.  The women in this episode were annoying and er, not attractive to men.  With the exception of Eugenia Paul.

Holy crap, this woman must be a time traveler.  She does not look like anyone else I’ve seen in this series so far.

She has a few credits every year in the mid to late 1950’s then nothing.  According to IMDb, she married the heir to the Pep Boys Auto Shops.

She is also in an episode in Season 2, so I have that to look forward to.

Aside from Eugenia, I rate this episode wet dog fur.


Post-Post Leftovers:

  • Watching this episode, something made me think, “every one of these people is dead.”  I checked IMDb and sure enough every actor, actress, the writers, the director — all dead.  And that wasn’t necessarily the case.  Gone With the Wind is almost 20 years older and the last performer just died this year.
  • Sadly, that includes Eugenia Paul who was only 20 in this episode.


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