Twilight Zone – The Little People of Killany Woods (01/03/86)

tzlittlepeople1Liam O’Shaughnessy (hereafter known as Liam unless I CTL-H his ass) comes running into O’Kelly’s Pub. He is excited that the good lord has seen fit for him to bear witness to the titular Little People in Killany Forest. As Liam’s portrayer is 5’2″ Hamilton Camp, they must be some wee peeps indeed.

He was in the forest and saw a strange glow.  He discovered the fabled Little People, not over 3 feet tall, working “like cockroaches” under a giant mushroom.  He waxes on and on until Mike O’Mulvaney lives my dream, tells the Clavinesque patron to shut the hell up, and tosses him out the door.

His friend Eddie helps him up.  Liam says he still has his pride and walks off “to the only real friends I got.”  I guess he is referring to the Little People who he never saw before today, and who he just called cockroaches.  Mike sees him stop by O’Dell’s Hardware. After Liam leaves with a box, Mike visits O’Dell and bullies him into revealing Liam bought a bunch of building supplies and paid with a strange triangular gold coin.

Mike continues his search for Liam.  He first goes to the rooming house here Liam lives. Mrs. O’Finnegan tells him Liam said, “They was waiting” and gave her a triangular gold coin and slipped out the back door.

tzlittlepeople2Mike has just been an obnoxious jerk up until now.  He has been stalking Liam and spoke to his contacts menacingly.  Finding out Liam has a pocket full of gold, however, turns him into a full-fledged gangster.  He finds Liam in the woods and like a cartoon villain somehow gets ahead of him.  He confronts Liam with a big stick and demands payment of his debt,  Liam says the money is not his, he’s just shopping for the Little People.  He gives Mike a triangular coin anyhoo, but Mike wants it all.

Liam warns him, “the gold don’t last for those the Little People don’t like” and hands it over.  He is able to knock Mike aside and take off running.  Liam jumps over a fallen tree into a brightly lit area.  Mike leaps over the fallen tree, and I just can’t reveal what happens next.  Suffice it to say, TZ is on a roll this week.  Some of the segment was iffy, but it fully redeemed itself.

Good stuff.

I see the next segment contains one of the worst actors in the world, however, I am actually optimistic.


  • Written and directed by J.D. Feigelson.  He had previously adapted The Burning Man, and also wrote the TV cult classic Dark Night of the Scarecrow.  Sadly, he seems to be out of the business, or in a real dry spell.

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