Twilight Zone – Nightcrawlers (10/18/85)

tznightcrawlers1I have nothing clever to say.

Which has certainly never stopped me from my obligatory daily post before.

Maybe it is the serious subject matter — a Viet Nam vet having psychological problems.

Or maybe just because it is just a really fine episode.

Sadly it does not seem to be on YouTube or Hulu.  Wherever you happen to find it, it is well-worth a watch.  Some places cite it as the best segment of the series and I can believe that.  [UPDATE — YouTube link in Comments]


  • The original short story by Robert McCammon is followed almost exactly.  The only significant difference is a visit from a couple of Men in Black at the end of the print version.
  • And whatever happened to that hot agent at the end of MIB?  That’s the sequel I wanted to see.


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