Tales from the Crypt – Korman’s Kalamity (S2E13)

tftckorman01Tales from the Crypt goes meta with a story about a TFTC artist.  I’m sure the Crypt-keeper had another layer of meta to add, but it is my policy not to watch that waste of latex.

Harry Anderson is the artist, suffering a case of artist’s block.  His shrewish wife shows up and the office and accuses him of working Saturday to meet a bimbo at the office.

She also accuses him of not taking the potency pills he needs to get her pregnant.  He says the non-FDA approved pills make his brain hurt, kickstarting the episode.

That night he sees a cutie at the laundromat.  After he leaves, the lights go off and a thug begins to attack her.  Turns out she is a cop, and she flips him to the floor.  A monster crawls out of the washer and grabs him, biting his head off.

The cutie recognizes the monster tftckorman07as similar to the work of Anderson.  She tracks him down, and tells him her theory that his drawings are coming to life.  She tells him to draw a monster as a test.

This is a little irresponsible as a monster does materialize in a warehouse where some kids are playing.

His wife busts him making a date with the cutie and he begins sketching her as a monster.    Monster wife kills shrew wife and Anderson goes off with the cutie.

tftckorman09Sipping wine at restaurant, the cutie says, “Are you married?” and Anderson says “Not any more.” Wow, that dialogue is crackling, I tells ya!

The episode is far, far less than the sum of its parts.  Mostly a waste of some fun actors.


  • Colleen Camp (the wife) was one of those sexy 1980’s chicks like Deborah Foreman — a welcome addition to any crappy movie.  Maybe best remembered as the maid in Clue.
  • Richard Schiff went on to be Toby in The West Wing.

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