Tales From the Crypt – Deadline (S3E12)

tftcdeadline01Charles McKenzie is directly addressing the camera.  He is a newspaper reporter, flashing back to what most reporters apparently do instead of pursuing stories — sleeping in a bar.

Bartender Mike wisely suggests he might want a cup of coffee, but McKenzie calls him a “drink-pusher working in a skid-row gin-joint.”  A woman walks in, he buys her a drink, not sure if she’s a hooker or not.  They go back to his place, she spends the night, he spends no money, so I guess she isn’t a hooker.

The next morning he goes to see his old editor to beg for a job.  The editor tells him to bring him a murder story. This being TFTC, you kind of know where this is going to go.

Every lead he pursues turns into a dead end; but not the good kind.  Trying to lay off the booze, he goes to a diner.  The owner strangles his wife while McKenzie is there, so he has his murder — he’s back in the business!  When he checks the body, it is the woman he spent the night with.  Even worse, she is still alive.

tftcdeadline08So he kills her.

Really about as dull and predictable as this post.


  • Title Analysis:  Nice title, relevant to the plot.  Too bad it was wasted on such a blah episode.

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