Bad Language – The Right Stuff

Another bit of dialogue that never made any sense to me.

To paraphrase:  When the pilots go in the door, they all look the same.  When they come out, they all look different; they look scared.

Surely what was intended was that the pilots all look different from each other when they go in, and the same when they come out.  They all look the same because they all look scared.

Maybe this always bugged me because the rest of the movie is absolutely awesome.

“Sir, over there — is that a man?”

“You damn right it is!”

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Bad Language – Lost

Sawyer’s con-man boss asks why he needs to borrow the seed money to finance his latest con.  After all, he has run some scams that he brought him some big scores.

The line as delivered makes no sense.  The point is to convey that he likes to spend money.  Surely, it was supposed to be “I like spending it as much as I like earning it.”  As part of “earning ” it was banging his victim’s wife, there is enjoyment in both sides of the transaction.