Outer Limits – Afterlife (S2E15)

olafterlife08Sgt Linden Styles (Clancy Brown) is wheeled in on a gurney.  Oh, thank God, he’s going to get some much needed medical care!  Oh wait, there’s a priest and guards, he’s going to be executed for murder. Happy ending either way.

He assures the priest his soul is safe because he is innocent of the murders he was charged with.  The doctor gives him a lethal injection, and at 12:11 pronounces him dead.  But only mostly dead — even before the credits, he wakes up.  A government agent offers him a choice — try a new experimental procedure vital to national security, or get injected with the real juice.

olafterlife14The agent upgrades the security clearance of Style’s doctor, Kersaw.  He then shows her the remains of an alien captured a year ago and stored in a . . . hey that’s the same exact yellow cryo unit as was used last week in The Heist.  I understand re-using props, but let’s space it out, people!  She is ordered to merge the alien DNA with that of Styles.

The next morning, Kersaw begins giving Styles a series of injections.  They are to be so painful that he is strapped down.  Soon he begins growing scaly and scabrous.  This guy was treated better by the Dharma Initiative.

As he further transforms into an alien, he uses his increased strength to escape from the facility where he was being held.  Little does he know that this was part of the plan — a test to see if the military can capture such an alien.

olafterlife11The army uses Kersaw to lure Styles into an ambush.  Before they can fire on Styles, they are disabled by a high-pitched noise which is followed by the appearance of aliens looking much like him.

After they disappear, taking Styles with them, Kersaw tells the agent that just as the Army was testing Styles — the aliens were testing the humans.  They made the alien bodies available to see what humans would do with them.

A good episode with great performances by Clancy Brown and Alan Rachins as the agent.  Unfortunately, Dr. Kersaw was a little weak — her lapel-grabbing revelation at the end is fairly laughable.  And the general was grossly miscast.

olafterlife18The biggest stars of the episode are the make-up and the great set including the pod where Styles was kept.  And, of course, the ubiquitous cryo unit which I Iook forward to seeing next week.


  • Might as well get some use out of these Canadian discs. French title:  Injection Fatale.
  • Clancy Brown was in the Dharma Initiative and Alan Rachins was in Dharma and Greg.  Coincidence?

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