Ray Bradbury Theater – The Haunting of the New (S3E8)

rbthaunting00.client.1413241041.conflictSuperman’s hot mother — no, not Ma Kent — Susannah York calls her writer friend Charles at 5 am from one of those houses that is so fancy that it has a name — Greenwood.  She asks him to come to Greenwood, and says he can have the house . . . if the house likes him.

The next morning, he slicks back his hair, puts it in a pony tail, dons his round wire-frame glasses, driving gloves, bow-tie, french cuffs, winged collar, scarf and pocket square, and hops in his convertible — yeah, a bit of a dandy.

When he arrives, he finds York sitting in the garden.  She says the house won’t let her in.  In fact, at her party the previous night, the house drove away the guests.

rbthaunting01She tells Charles the house is his if he wants it, but he must go in alone.  He goes in and imagines the house burning down.

I got nothing.

Neither does this episode.

Just crap.

I wrote a diatribe about how boring the next RBT episode (The Chicago Abyss) was, but it probably belongs in this post.


  • Roger Tompkins also directed A Miracle of Rare Device.  He has no non-RBT credits.  None.
  • Idea:  The Haunting of the Newd.  Then you got somethin’.

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