Outer Limits – The Choice (S1E6)

The good news is that this episode starts off with the great Thora Birch.  The bad news is that she is playing a 10 year old, and was probably 12 when the episode was filmed. Despite being a child, there is no mistaking it is Thora.

After an incident in school where she has induced a nose-bleed in a bully Carrie-style, her parents are called to the principal’s office.  Clearly she did not lay a hand on the bully, and there were a dozen witnesses.  But despite being played by Fox Mulder’s mother, the principal is not curious about the phenomenon; she suggests that Thora should be put into a special needs class.

As you do for every conflict in life, the parents get a lawyer; and the lawsuit makes the newspaper.  The article catches the eye of new-age bookstore owner played by another famous mother, Ma Calvin.  She makes a call and says she has another “prospect” in Oregon.  Minor coincidence as this is the location of Mulder & Scully’s first assignment.  But maybe Boston would have been more on-point.

The parents had decided to hire a nanny, and thanks to Ma Clavin, the perfect one has shown up on their doorstep.  Unfortunately 3 other candidates are also on the doorstep.  The nanny Karen is able to psychically encourage the others to walk off.  When Thora’s father opens the door, only Karen is left.


That’s more like it!

Aggie is resistant.  When Karen tries to get her attention with some antics more suitable to a 5 year old, Aggie finally speaks out.  Karen blows her mind by making one of her dolls dance.  Maybe I was just tired, but it kind of blew my mind too.

Now we learn that the government has an agent tracking down people like Karen and Aggie.  He is talking to another couple about their missing child who also was also had the power.  He also visits Ma Clavin to pump her for info on the missing child.

Eventually the G-Man confronts both Aggie and Karen, and he operates about as efficiently as any government employee.

Nothing special, but Thora makes the show so I rate it an American Beauty.


  • For whatever reason, and there are many conjectures, Thora’s career has just about crashed.  She deserves better.  I’ve seen her in some crap movies, but she is always entrancing.  Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan is working on her 15,000th 2nd chance.
  • Apparently “change gears” was the 1980’s word for “multitask.”
  • Sorry, Hollywood, you chose poorly:



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