Outer Limits – Second Soul (S1E4)

newsline01Not to nitpick, but they rub our face in this within seconds.  I enjoy the idea that the networks would have a theme and graphics ready in case of First Contact.  But what is going on with their network logo?

It appears to be INI II.  OK, I can see the N and I for Newsline International, but what are all those other vertical lines?

Is this NI 2, like CNN and CNN Headline?  Then what is that first line?  Is the N just framed for artistic reasons, then what is the that last line?

No matter, the N’Tal are in da house.  Unlike most aliens, they state honestly that they wish they could come as explorers or adventurers, but they come as refugees.  And by the way, we need your dead.

Apparently Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have relatives in the body disposal business as a year later, the government seems to have guaranteed the N’Tal access to all dead bodies that meet their criteria.  Even at that, there are not enough humans dying to accommodate the N’Tal.secondsoulrdc01a

Rae Dawn Chong, the wife of a bureaucrat, is killed in a car wreck.  He pulls some strings to witness the N’Tal bringing her back to life.   Seconds later, he sees his wife’s body reanimated with the soul of a N’Tal.  Naturally he wants to meet with her but that is strictly forbidden.

But he works for the government, so rules don’t apply to him (this is the sci not the fi part of sci-fi).  He tracks RDC down and begins stalking her.  Catching her in a restaurant, he reveals his identity.  RDC emphasizes that she is not his wife and has no memories of that hot, hot body’s life with him.  He assures his boss that this breach of protocol will never happen again, but begins staking her again immediately.

And good thing tsecondsoulhome02aoo as he sees her meeting with other N’Tal several times, exchanging 3.5 inch floppies, electronics, clear liquids, etc.  Those floppies weren’t exactly cutting edge in 1995.  What was that other junk, a transistor radio and Crystal Pepsi?

He reports this to his boss who blames his paranoia on the death and resurrection of his wife.  Shortly thereafter, he has committed suicide.  Or has he?

His boss also begins to suspect the N’Tal are up to no good.  Everything turns out OK, though, and Washington is not destroyed.  Well, OK except for that.

Post-Post Leftovers:

  • I figured out the logo based on one appearing later in the show.  Vertical lines are doubled, non-vertical lines are not.  So, there is a logic; it just stinks.  That logo is almost as bad as NBC’s fiasco in the 1970’s which cost them a million bucks.
  • Generally speaking, sci-fi characters with apostrophes in their names are on thin ice with me.  We don’t share a language or an alphabet, why would we presume to stick punctuation in their names?  And why always the apostrophe; never umlauts, or an accent grave?  C’mon, Nävi — better!
  • Holy crap did they make it tough to get a good picture of RDC.  Before she dies, you don’t get a single good shot of her.  After the resurrection, she never smiles.  Until the end when she smiles, but is bathed in a weird light.  Mmmmm…bathed.
  • Government weenie Gary Davey’s IMDB bio says he is Artistic Director for the William B. Davis Centre for Actor’s Study — the Cigarette Smoking Man!  No wonder Davey was on the X-Files 4 times (as 4 different characters).
  • Hulu’s commercials are still infuriating.  Except for this one.secondsoulihop01

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