Come Back to Me (2014)

comebacktome02Reno Nevada 2002 — Dale is listening to his mother and boyfriend have the biggest little fight in the world.

He stays out of it as long as he can, stroking his pet bunny, then goes to their bedroom where his bloody mother begs for help.  It is a pretty big leap that the next thing we see are cops rolling up to the front of the house.  Did the boyfriend just let him call?  Did a neighbor call them? Whatever, the cops managed to let the boyfriend escape despite having guns drawn on him, and another one vomits up his donuts after seeing the bloody woman.

Las Vegas 2014 — Dale moves into the sunny neighborhood of Josh and Sarah who bring him a plate of cookies as a welcome gift.  Dale gives Sarah a thousand well-manicured yard stare before saying that she reminds him of someone.  Josh is a croupier on the strip and Sarah is working on her dissertation on internet pornography.  Wait — I can get a degree for this?  Dale was wise to have moved to Las Vegas where apparently a grocery store bagboy can afford a $300,000 house.

Sarah begins experiencing night terrors, blackouts, sudden vomiting.  Also, a scar she received in a bad car accident 3 months ago has faded completely.

After weird neighbor Dale asks where she has been for the past week week during a vacation with her husband, she decides to check out his house which is conveniently unlocked.  Another night terror.

She goes to the doctor and finds that she is pregnant.  She goes to tell her husband who is pretty surprised as he thought he was shooting blanks.

She continues with the night terrors, frequently finding blood on her hands and clothing. Finally she wises up and installs a security cam.  She invites Leslie, her doctor / friend over to stay with her since Josh has understandably bailed.  We get a Paranormal Activity view of them sleeping in the same bed.  Sadly watching all that internet porn has not given her any ideas.

Leslie is awakened by her dog barking, leading to some chilling scenes which turn out to be more night terrors.  But this time both Leslie and Sarah wake up from it.  It scares Leslie into labor.  Being the queen of diversity, she knows the father was either Korean or Black, but she somehow gives birth to a white baby.

Sarah wakes up from more night terrors and checks the security cam to find out the nightmares are real.  Dale had come into her room and raped her,and cut her throat, and  placed her back in bed where she “woke up.”

She does a little research and and finds out about how Dale had mysteriously brought his mother back to life many years ago after the police said there was no way she could be alive.  She is now in an institution.  Leslie realizes that her baby was fathered not by her croupier husband but by the creepier Dale.

Sarah goes to the institution.  we only see his mother from the side. His mother knows that he murders women and brings them back to life.

As a kid he killed rabbits, girls, his mother couldn’t live with creating a monster, so killed herself but he brought her back.  Finally, she set herself on fire so she would be institutionalized aware from her son.

Then ending is really something special.  The movie itself os fine, but the ending is shocking and original.


  • It bugged me that Josh said he was a croupier, rhyming with soupier.  But that seems to be the preferred pronunciation.
  • Favorite Quote:  “I’d hold your hair back but I’m a sympathetic vomiter.”

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