Tales from the Crypt – Lover Come Hack to Me (S1E5)

tftccover01Not a good week for TV.  After the fiasco of White Light Fever, Tales from the Crypt also came up with a huge loser.

Honey Bunny from Pulp Fiction and Fabio have just gotten married.  Her aunt Edith accuses her new husband of only wanting to marry her for her money.

As they drive off for their honeymoon, they are stopped by a tree which has fallen across the road in a storm.  Luckily there is a house nearby where they take refuge.

After making the love, Fabio has a dream of Honey Bunny meeting another man and inviting him into the house.  After they make out on the sofa, Honey Bunny grabs a battle-axe off the wall and hacks away at the man.  Fabio tries to stop her, but goes right through her ghostly image.  And then he wakes up.

Turns out the woman in the dream was actually Honey Bunny’s mother murdering her father on their wedding night, which was also the night of her conception.  Then Honey Bunny does the same.

The positive reviews online for this episode just confirm my theory that everything is someone’s favorite (a corollary of the larger “People are Idiots” theory).  No characterization, no motivation, just nothing going on.

TFTChack01I rate it a 3.

Post-Post Leftovers:

  • So the tree just happened to have fallen by the same house where her mother killed her father?
  • Really not worth wasting another second thinking about it.
  • And, bloody hell, I just ordered season 2!


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