Tales from the Crypt – Dead Right (S2E1)

tftcdeadright01Dinty Moore goes to see a psychic on her lunch hour.  Madam Vorma has the second sight and reads vibrations.

Vorma reads her as a secretary wasting her life away, waiting to meet Mr. Right or Mr. Rich.  She says Dinty will lose her job and get another one today.  Dinty says her boss is out of town so this is impossible.  But Madam Vorma knows her stuff.

Dinty is fired (by Sarah Connor’s shrink) for for taking 25 minutes too long at lunch.  Walking down the sidewalk, a strip club manager offers her a job.  Sadly, as a waitress.

tftcdeadright03aDinty goes back to Vorma.  She “sees” Dinty getting married, and her husband inheriting a lot of money shortly after they are married.  After he inherits the money, he will die violently.

Back at the club, Miss Nude Nebraska 1948 is introduced.  Thank God this was not set in present day.  Dinty sees George (or possibly Oscar) Bluth waddle into the club.  He begins hitting on her.  Jeffrey Tambor, not a looker on his best day, is padded out in a repulsive fat suit, blubber and prosthetic nose.

Dinty is disgusted by him but her greed out-weighs her nausea.  Soon they are dating and married.  Unexpectedly, Dinty wins $1 million by being the one-millionth customer at the tftcdeadright04automat.  Taking place 50 years ago, this must have been the combined revenue of every automat in the country.  That’s probably what killed them.

Vorma is proven correct in her predictions and, as always, justice is served like apple pie at an automat.  Sadly, though only to Dinty —  Tambor is really an object for pity in all of this.  A hideous hulk who actually thought he was going to be happy with a beautiful wife — what a maroon.  And though he did kill her, it was her greed and cruelty that propelled him to old sparky.

The episode ends ominously with another customer coming to Vorma.  Yet another botched ending as it suddenly shifts perspective to make Vorma the focal point of the evil.  All she did was correctly predict the future.tftcdeadright05

Still, a good twist and some excellent performances from the leads make this a great episode .  Also some great make-up on Tambor, and some great style — fashion, make-up, hair — from Dinty.  She really comes off as a classic movie star.


  • This aired just as Demi Moore was becoming huge — Ghost was the same year.  A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal and Disclosure would open in the next four years.
  • She really was nothing short of perfect in this.  It’s too bad she didn’t use that comedic talent in more of her roles.
  • Howard Deutch also directed the episode Only Sin Deep.

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