Outer Limits – Virtual Future (S1E7)

olvirtual01Josh Brolin is working on a virtual reality program and discovers that he can project himself into the future.  All the great low-budget sci-fi tropes are here:  Incredible cutting edge science being developed by only 2 guys in a dark lab, world-changing discovery worth billions being treated as only moderately interesting, security for this goldmine laxer than Doc Brown’s garage, and a wife who doesn’t appreciate the magnitude of the work.

And for the most radical discovery in history — time travel — Brolin sells out pretty cheaply — for a job and his own lab.  Who knows, maybe he can even get a 3rd guy and a light bulb.  As in previous OL episodes, there must be a sinister corporate weasel to exploit Brolin’s discovery for eeeeeveeel, here played by David Warner.

It surely break’s Warner’s heart that the first time he takes the leap forward, he uses that knowledge to save a woman from being murdered at an ATM.  Well, there’ll be time for blackmail and murder later.

Soon enough, Warner announces that he is running for the Senate, thus commencing his life of crime.  Sadly, he does a time-jump, and sees that he will lose the election, and his victorious opponent will subpoena the records of his company.  The next morning, Brolin sees on TV that Warner’s opponent has died mysteriously.

There is a confrontation, and soon all is well again with the world.  Well, except for the dead guy.  Another just OK episode.  Brolin, however, shows the chops that will make him a star a few years later.  David Warner, as always, plays the role of David Warner, but totally pulls it off.  Sadly, the wife is a little bit of a non-entity, but does come through like a champ at the end.


  • Sadly Brolin did not use his knowledge gained from time-travel to warn everyone, “Don’t remake Oldboy.”


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