Night Visions – Used Car (07/26/01)

nvusedcar05Charlotte (Sherilyn “should be a much bigger star” Fenn) and Jack are enjoying the afternoon car-shopping as presumably they could not find a dentist available to do a root canal with no anesthetic.

A hand turns on the radio in a car a few spaces away, luring them over for a look with the song Some Day We’ll be Together.  Her husband describes the car as “flashy,” but c’mon it’s a Volvo.  Charlotte climbs into the driver’s seat and takes the song as a sign that she and the car were manufactured for each other.

That night she asks if he is mad that she wanted that used car and not a new one.  She also asks if her husband is tired of her.  She suggests that his medical students must be tempting to him.  At this time, Sherilyn Fenn was a beautiful 31 year-old who could easily have passed for 25.  Even made up with mom jeans, frumpy glasses and an awful hairdo, there is no hiding this.  She thinks maybe having a baby would give her life more meaning.

nvusedcar08The next morning, after having started work on the baby, Charlotte describes the car as “frivolous” for a new mom.  C’mon, it’s a Volvo.  Either these two know nothing about cars or they speak English as a second language.  Later that day, Charlotte gets in the car.  In her rear view mirror she sees a young woman in the back seat saying, “We’re going to have a baby.”

She calls her husband.  The hospital says he is in surgery, but can we paged.  WTH, when I’m being operated on, the surgeon is returning calls?  Driving home from a friend’s house, she notices a home pregnancy test in the car.  It is showing a positive. There is also a credit card slip signed by a Lucy Sykes.

There is no Lucy Sykes in the phone-book, but there is a G. Sykes.  Couldn’t they come up with more unusual name to make it believable that there was only one in the phone-book?  Where did she live, Chinatown?  At least they didn’t go with Smith, which had four numbers listed.  Getting no answer by phone, she drives to the address.  Turns out G. Sykes is Lucy’s uncle.  While waiting for him to get home, Charlotte gets the “We’re having a baby vision” again, this time with Lucy bleeding from the wrists.

nvusedcar02Lucy’s uncle confirms that she committed suicide in a car just like Charlotte’s.  He offers Lucy’s stuff to Charlotte.  When Jack gets home that night, he finds clothing and personal items strewn on the floor and up the stairs to their bedroom. At the top of the stairs, he finds Lucy’s driver’s license.

In the bedroom, Charlotte is wearing Lucy’s glittery red dress.  She says she bets Jack liked the dress when Lucy wore it.  She produces a picture that shows Jack with Lucy on the hood of the red Volvo that they just bought — the same car Jack originally bought for Lucy.  This would have been more impactful if Lucy were actually wearing the same dress in the photo, but I guess that’s too much to ask of Night Visions.

Charlotte confronts Jack about his cheating and knocking up Lucy, then flees in the Volvo.  In the car, she hears Lucy talking again, and even sees visions of Lucy and Jack as a happy couple.  One shot shows Lucy dancing in a glittery dress very much like the one Charlotte was wearing — but a different color.  Why, why, why?  The vision continues with Jack telling Lucy they can’t have a baby, so she tells him, “Then kill your wife!  Kill your wife!”

The car stops, the locks go down, Charlotte can’t escape.  Smoke begins pouring into the car as Someday We’ll be Together comes on the radio again.  Lucy appears and I’m not sure what happens.  It looks like she has something wrong with her teeth, but it could just be the horrible quality of the video on You Tube.  But then she leans into Charlotte’s neck like a vampire before we cut away.  So this is either inconceivably stupid, or just a poor decision on the staging.  If Lucy is going to bite her like a vampire, that is just a complete non-sequitur.  If she is not a vampire, why lean into her neck with her mouth open?  And wasn’t she going to die from smoke or CO2 inhalation anyway?

Back at the house, Jack hears a long solid blast from a car horn.  He looks out the window and sees the Volvo roll up the driveway.  He goes out to the car, the horn still wailing.  He opens the door, and Charlotte spills out of the smokey car.  The radio again plays Someday We’ll be Together, and it is also written in the condensation in the windshield.

nvusedcar09What was that horn-blast all about?  I guess Charlotte was dead and slumped against the horn the whole time and Lucy “drove” the car home.  Charlotte’s neck is bloody, so I guess they did go for the vampire thing, although with ghost-like tendencies..

Finally, the song could have made sense, but Night Visions once again dropped the ball. It was nice that it was initially interpreted as Charlotte and the car “will be together.”  The callback at the end would have been great if Jack were the one who had died — then Lucy would have had her way and she and Jack would “be together” for eternity.  As it is, who “will be together”?  Lucy and Charlotte?  Hot but nonsensical.

Just as in the first segment of this episode, they had most of the pieces, but just put them together wrong.


  • Hart Bochner (Jack) went on to be the coke-snorting douchebag in Die Hard.  And by “went on” I mean 13 years earlier.

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