White Meat – Don King (1934)

sascoverOne hundred black Monbuttus . . . danced about the nude white man chained to a stake.

Well, this is going to be uncomfortable.

I mean because of the naked dude — let’s get back to the topless babes like every other story in this collection so far.

We get a description in pretty good detail of the man being burned at the stake.  As he is partially consumed by the flames, he screams in agony.  Finally, he is dead, the constraining vines have burned away and he falls to the ground.  The Monbuttus then . . . uh, eat him.

The rest of this is pretty standard stuff for the era, maybe — British colonials, broad-shouldered American savior, virginal blonde daughter [1], cannibalism, white slavery, etc. But sitting here at 2 am in 2016, it doesn’t play very well, and is too mean-spirited to even enjoy mocking.

But what did I expect from a story called White Meat?

These posts are just a tool to force me to experience a bunch of TV shows and short stories that I never got around to.  Mission Statement accomplished.  This one can be quietly entered into the record as short story # 11 in Spicy Adventures.


  • [1] Who are these professors and colonials who drag their beautiful, blonde, clothes-shedding virginal young daughters into the jungle?  I don’t know, but God bless ’em.
  • First published in April 1934.
  • Kane Bedford’s name changes to Kane Wilbur halfway through the story.
  • Probably too late for a sequel called The Other White Meat.
  • The other Don King.

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