Twilight Zone – Night of the Meek / But Can She Type? / The Star (12/20/85)

Kind of a half-assed ending to the year.  I was tempted to end the month with a picture of something that bugged me at Barnes & Noble.  Given the seasonal nature of 2/3 of this episode, though, I had to end the year with it:

Night of the Meek

Skipped due to general mawkishness of TV Christmas episodes.

Classic TZ Legacy:  Remake of a 1960 episode which I also didn’t watch.

The Secretary

A secretary is transported to a world where secretaries are revered as Masters of the Universe.  Or is it Mistresses of the Universe?  No, that would have been much better.

One-joke piece notable only for the presence of a pre-Star Trek Jonathan Frakes.

The Star

Based on the short story by Arthur C. Clarke.

It seems like it should have been a good fit for a TZ Christmas episode, however, it is far too talky.  Despite valiant efforts by Fritz Weaver and Donald Moffat, it worked better on the page.

Classic TZ Legacy:  Fritz Weaver was in two good episodes.


  • Given the 1st and 3rd segments, this was clearly the Christmas episode.  So what’s up with the 2nd segment?
  • I’m trying to look at this episode as surviving the holidays, and anticipating a better new year.
  • I don’t think I can keep up in January, so signing off until February 1st.

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