Tales From the Crypt – Spoiled (S3E13)

tftcspoiled06The sexy Fuchsia Monroe is trying to get some attention from her husband / business partner Evian.  When he is more interested in closing a deal, she grabs one of the dudes in the office and begins seducing him with a Hillaryesque “When I see something I want, I take it. Rules aren’t for me.”

The camera pulls back to reveal this is a soap opera being watched by two housewives folding laundry — Janet and Louise.  Janet thinks they should be more aggressive and take-charge in their relationships.

When Dr. Leon gets home, he gives Janet a quick kiss then goes down to his basement lab.  He feels that his new anesthetic might have saved the life of a patient he lost today, so might want to check Wikipedia for what anesthesia actually does.

tftcspoiled07When the TV goes out during a crucial moment in her soap opera, Janet calls the cable company.  They send out their studly installer “Abel, with the cable.”  After some sexual innuendo, he installs her cable.  Before they can really get down to it, he is called away on one of them cable emergencies you always hear about.

A few days later, Leon catches them making out and tries out his new long lasting anesthetic on them.  Bottom line, he does a head transplant.

Fine story, some great casting, and appropriate directorial tone for the series for a change. But for some reason I just couldn’t get into it.  I blame my self.  This is a good episode even if I’m not appreciating it right now.

tftcspoiled08If nothing else it features the beautiful Faye Grant.  She was probably best known for fighting the reptiles as Dr. Julia Grant in the original V.  Now she is probably best known for being married to the reptilian Stephen Collins.


  • Title Analysis:  I can’t even guess how it connects to the story.
  • This is Connie Johnson’s only writing credit.  Luckily, they teamed her up with veteran Doug Ronning who has two writing credits, both on TFTC.
  • Strange how people are popping up in twos:  Carol Lynley, Harry Guardino, and now Alan Rachins.

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