Tales From the Crypt – Beauty Rest (S4E5)

tftcbeautyrest01Mimi Rogers is auditioning for a commercial. The camera starts on the nape of her neck, and she says, “What’s your favorite part of a woman, the nape of the neck?”  The camera pans across her back and she says, “The line of her back?”  Then she says, “or the shape of her breasts?”  I though we had established a rhythm here; the cameraman really lets us down on that last one.

She is advertising a perfume called Ballbuster.  It’s not for just any woman, it’s for the woman who means business.

The director is effusive in his praise.  As far as he is concerned, she has a job — tftcbeautyrest02cut to Mimi saying, “What do you mean I didn’t get the job?” to her agent.  Mimi is worried that she has been at this for 10 years and hasn’t gotten a break.  Worse, she finds out that her young beautiful roommate (Kathy Ireland) got the part.

Really, the rest is kind of a snooze.

Some reviews say the episode is saved by a twist ending, but it is really tftcbeautyrest03kind of stupid.  The Pageant for Miss Autopsy is asinine — you have to have some basis in reality to be effective.  And the special effects on Mimi Rogers are ludicrous, not remotely resembling an autopsy incision.


  • Title Analysis:  Non-Sequitur.
  • Even the cover art is terrible — no one is hanged in this episode.
  • Complete waste of Mimi Rogers, Buck Henry and Kathy Ireland.

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