Star 80 (1983)

Not Teresa Carpenter

Not Teresa Carpenter

A Teresa Carpenter Twin Spin.

Longform recently posted a link for Death of a Playmate by Teresa Carpenter.  The article, which won a Pulitzer in 1981, covered the last years and ultimately the murder of Dorothy Stratten.

The movie Star 80, available on YouTube, was partially based on Carpenter’s article.

Both tell the story of the Playboy centerfold who was one of the few to actually have a chance to thrive outside of the Playboy ecosystem.

Not much commentary here as it is a true story and pretty sad.  Worth a read and/or a watch, though.

Post-Post Leftovers:

  • Completely gratuitous, but:  There is no evidence that Dorothy Stratten did not believe in vaccinations, unlike another Playmate who escaped into the mainstream.  And if I’m linking to the Huff-Po, shit must be real.
  • Great early performance by Eric Roberts.  Maybe also by Mariel Hemingway, but I haven’t seen enough of her to know if she was just playing herself.  Whereas, to my knowledge, Eric Roberts has never murdered anyone.
  • Seeing some of his early movies makes you wonder who Eric Roberts pissed off in Hollywood.
  • Update:  OK, that was pretty stupid — I just checked IMDb and this guy has over 60 projects listed for 2014.  Mr. Roberts is doing just fine, thank you.

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