Outer Limits – Paradise (S2E17)

Image 007This could have been an early draft of Cocoon; or a final draft of Cocoon III.

Deputy Middleton is having a beer and watching the game at the local bar.  In walks a pretty hookery looking blonde who starts hitting on him.  Within seconds, they are back at his place, rolling around on the floor nekkid.

He gives her a pretty good ride, but she tearfully says, “It didn’t work.”  Not what a guy wants to hear.  Then she ages 50 years in just a few seconds.

Dr. Christina Markham is talking to her husband, the sheriff.  She is envious of her sister who has just made partner, bought a new house and is going to have a baby.  As a doctor, a hottie  and being married to the sheriff, she seems to be doing OK, though. But she really wants kids.

Image 008She examines the deputy’s babe, who is now a dried up corpse showing signs of several advanced diseases.  Christina goes to see her mother in a nursing home.  She is being taken care of by her late husband’s brother.  She has a touch of Alzheimer’s, but is still lucid enough to ask why her daughter has no children.  Moms.

The sheriff finds another dried up old body.  The doctor finds that both of the dead women have the same abnormality, a third ovary.

The deputy is at home during the day eating a sandwich — doesn’t this guy ever work?   He is surprised when a hot twenty-something walks into his house.  Even more surprised when he realizes it is his mother.  When he has a visitor at the door, his mother leaves and crawls in the sack with the first guy she sees who is not her son.  After doing the deed, she returns to her son’s house.  For the second time, he hears a woman say, “It didn’t work” and sees her age 50 years in a few seconds.

Image 016The doctor’s mother drags her brother in law out of bed in the middle of the night and leads him to a field.  She clears some weeds away from a rock.  Golden sparkles begin swirling around them and they are magically made 50 years younger.

Since she is young again and her husband is long dead, she wastes no time in taking her brother in law to her daughter’s bedroom to have the sex.

Indicating that this was not sex as usual, she is 9 months pregnant in just a few minutes — again, not what a guy wants to hear. Then her daughter the doctor delivers her 75 year old mother’s baby.  That Back to the Future controversy is starting to look pretty tame now.

Her mother describes how 50 years ago, she and and the other three dead women went on a picnic at the old Anderson Farm.  They encountered a naked golden alien — the last of her race — who impregnated each of them, or at  least supplied them with an egg that took 50 years to mature.  The alien then left a rock in the middle of the field which would make them young and fertile again 50 years in the future.  Luckily Anderson decided not to plow that field or build condos on it for 50 years.

Her mother ages again, but the alien has left her a gift — eliminating the Alzheimer’s that she had suffered.  So she will be able to watch the baby grow up as her daughter raises it as her own.

Yeah, that alien was really a sport — killing three women just because they couldn’t fertilize the one egg she gave them.  Then still making the the one survivor age back to be an old woman again.


  • Title on Canadian DVD:  Le Paradis.
  • This is the first episode where I noticed “Please stand by” at the end of the opening credits narration.  There are also choppy act breaks.  It’s like they suddenly started showing commercials.  I know the show moved from Showtime to Sci-Fi at some point, but episode 17 is a strange place to do it.
  • Title Analysis: Bears no relation to the episode.

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