Outer Limits – Living Hell (S1E8)

So blah is this episode that there is not one interesting visual to include.

Ben Kohler is the most happy-go-lucky guitar-toting unemployed construction worker in America. After getting turned away from a job-site, his lucky streak continues when he is shot in the head.

He is taken to the hospital.  When they begin cutting on his skull, another man collapses in his kitchen.  Turns out Dr. Jennifer Martinez has taken this opportunity to place an experimental cerebral chip in Kohler’s head.  What is strange is that the other guy is zapped even before the chip is put in Kohler’s brain.  What triggered it?  Just being taken out of the file cabinet?

Turns out this other man, Wayne Haas,  has an earlier version of the chip in his noggin.  Oh, and Haas, is a serial killer — just as in a dozen other shows and movies.  But the twist here is that Kohler sees through Haas’s eyes as he . . . . no, wait that’s also just like all the other stories.

Dr. Martinez takes Kohler home with her and . . . and . . .

I just can’t work up enough interest to continue.  Yada yada, Kohler shorts out both chips, sacrificing himself to save Dr. Martinez.  The end.


  • Maybe Elizabeth Pena is a great actress, but she is terrible here.
  • Living hell indeed.


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