Outer Limits – Beyond the Veil (S2E6)

olbeyondtheveil08Two days ago, I watched an AHP episode with Danny Noonan’s father. Today, it is Danny Noonan himself, Michael O’Keefe starring.  They were possibly the two biggest drags in Caddyshack, and that curse carried on to their respective episodes.

O’Keefe is Eddie Wexler, a Duane Barry doppleganger, who is calling the suicide hotline. He has just taken 16 sleeping pills, but the EMTs get there in time to save him.

Wexler tells the head shrink that he believes aliens have put a device in his neck, although the doctors could find no evidence.  He is also having hallucinations of spacecrafts, aliens and . . . experiments.  He lost his wife and job, and finally decided to end it all.

Turns out this facility was specifically built for people who believe they were abducted. Luckily, there is a young blonde abductee[1], Courtney, to show him around the grounds.

And blah blah blah.  The story is fairly dull, Michael O’Keefe has never been much of an actor, and the blonde — Finn Carter — does not have enough presence to sell the story. Stephen McHattie is great as always, but he can’t do it alone.

Really mediocre, not worth further discussion.


Screen shot from The X-Files. Not pictured: Lord Kinbote.

One positive note:  The aliens appear to be the same outfits that were used in Jose Chung’s From Outer Space on The X-Files.  That observation prompted me to watch that episode again.  Learn from my mistakes — skip this episode and watch the great Jose Chung instead.

[1] Really, after decades of people being abducted by aliens, abductee is still not in spellcheck?


  • This episode was an X-Files’ reunion.  Of 14 credited actors, 9 appeared on The X-Files.  Alex Diakun was in 3 of Darin Morgan’s 4 episodes.
  • Chris Brancato wrote the excellent Eve episode of The X-Files.
  • I’m never going to be in GQ, but his jacket looks a little long to me; so this shot reminded me of Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake.olbeyondtheveil05

2 thoughts on “Outer Limits – Beyond the Veil (S2E6)

  1. Incorrect about the origin of the Grey Alien’s design, but it was a good guess! You have a keen eye! These Grey props are from the 1994 Roswell TV movie.

    • Not sure if I agree with that. I added a caption to clarify that the 2nd photo actually is from The X-Files. They look just about identical.

      Maybe OL and XF both used those original props. Anyway, now I want to see that Roswell movie. Thanks.

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