Night Gallery – The Messiah on Mott Street (S2E13)


The hell with Mott Street — I want to hear the story that goes with that dragon sculpture.

Another so-called “one of the best” episodes of Night Gallery, which usually means it will be maudlin if not unwatchable.  Additionally, this is a Christmas episode, so confidence is not high.

Dr. Levine (Tony Roberts) pays a house-call (a what?) to Abraham Goldman (Edward G. Robinson).  The old man is on his deathbed.  Levine warns that he will surely get pneumonia if he does not go to the hospital.  Goldman refuses to go as it would cause his grandson to be sent to an orphanage.

That night, grandson Mikey fixes Goldman tomato soup for dinner. Goldman says he is waiting on the Messiah — “a messenger from God, looming big and black against the sky, striking down our enemies and raising us up to health and wealth and contentment.” He will even bring ice cream, toys and the Giants back to New York.

ngmessiah05Mikey goes out in the streets looking for the Messiah.  He finds Yaphet Kotto meeting the “big and black” criteria and brings him back to the apartment.

Yada, yada, he turns out to be the real Messiah, curing Goldman’s ills and even putting a few bucks in his pocket.  It’s a Festivus miracle!

It’s all well done, it’s just been done so many times before.


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