Night Gallery – The Different Ones (S2E14)

ngdifferent05A 17 year old boy, Vic, is sitting alone in his bedroom as kids outside yell at his window calling him ugly and a freak.  We’re in kind of a tough position to judge since he has a sack over his head.  In any event, I think we can agree the kids are assholes.

His father says that after a lot of thought, he has decided to send Vic to live among others like him.  Somewhere he can be himself and walk in the sun.  Vic asks where this utopia is, but his father really has no ideas.

The father calls the government on a swell video-phone, asking for the department that deals with deformed kids.  He is referred to The Department of Special Urban Problems.  When they ask the nature of the deformity, Vic tears off the sack and photobombs his dad’s call.

ngdifferent08Shockingly, the government is of no help.  Their only solutions are 1) Vic lives with his father for the rest of his life, or 2) Vic is put to sleep (OK’d by the Conformity Act of 1993).  At the last second, a position opens up in an exchange program with another planet.

Vic’s father watches with tears in his eyes as a rocket takes off carrying away his son.  Then we are treated to a lot of NASA stock footage, which is OK with me — I could watch that stuff all day..  He meets a very human looking man in the jet-way and learns that he is the exchange for Vic.

Bottom line, the freak on the other planet is handsome by human standards, and Vic is handsome by their standards.  Everybody’s a winner.

ngdifferent18A pretty light-weight segment, but I’m a sucker for a happy ending.


  • Twilight Zone Legacy:  Mary Gregory was in three episodes, and Dana Andrews was in one.
  • Also, I was getting Eye of the Beholder deja vu.

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