Night Gallery – Lindemann’s Catch (S2E16)

nglindemann05Local crackpot Abner Suggs is reading fortunes from cards when Captain Lindemann comes in for a couple of shots of whiskey.  The Cap’n seems like a no-nonsense guy and doesn’t respond to Suggs offer to see his fortune in the cards.  Then Suggs suggests palm-reading, then reading tea-leaves.  If this guy would read actual books instead of cards, palms and tea scum, maybe he’d know better.

What is strange is that Lindemann was doing shots — where did Suggs get this cup of tea leaves?  Shouldn’t the tea-leaves have been left behind by the one having his fortune told?  Does just any old filthy teacup work for any random yahoo?  It’s almost like there’s no scientific basis to this practice.

nglindemann12After Lindemann decks Suggs, he leaves the pub.  Outside, he is called over to the pier to see what they’ve caught.  He drops his lantern when he sees it is a mermaid.  His first reaction is “kill it!”  He calls it a monster, although the top half is not monstrous at all. Beneath some strategically placed hair, seaweed and rope, there is a beautiful topless woman.

He has a change of heart, and takes the mermaid down to his cabin.  Maybe he is tired of his trawler and wants to try a little motorboating.  He keeps her there for 3 days and can’t seem to figure out why she is wasting away like a fish out of water.  He calls the doctor who prescribes saline — like enough to swim in.  The doctor can offer no help other than to suggest giving her back to the sea.

nglindemann18In desperation and loneliness, he lowers himself to seeking help from Suggs.  He gives Lindemann a potion to turn the fishy parts into a nice set of gams.  The next morning, the Captain pulls the blankets back to reveal human legs and goes topside to excitedly tell the other sailors that she is a woman!  He calls her topside to show her off and is shocked that while she now has a nice set of legs, her top half is a fish-head.

She jumps in the water and the Captain follows.  Neither surface.


  • Twilight Zone Legacy:  Harry Townes was in 2 episodes.
  • Skipped Segment #1:  The Late Mr. Peddington.  Not bad, GREAT ending!
  • Skipped Segment #2:  A Feast of Blood.  Meh.

One thought on “Night Gallery – Lindemann’s Catch (S2E16)

  1. Although you could see this coming from at least six fathoms away, it was still a solid tail with a shock ending. Thumbs up on this episode.

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