Night Gallery – Green Fingers (S2E15)

nggreenfingers02The only episode I ever remember seeing — it must be great!

Lydia Bowen (Else Lanchester) has not only a green thumb, but 10 green fingers — everything she plants seems to grow.  Unfortunately developer Michael Saunders (Cameron Mitchell) has his eye on her property to build a factory.

A couple of comments on his glasses:  First, they make him look very much like Burgess Meredith in Time Enough at Last. Second, for some reason, he wears the arms of the glasses on the outside of his ears rather than over the top.

Saunders has sent emissaries to buy the land, but Ms. Bowen simply refuses to sell. Saunders pays a visit himself, but she still refuses to sell.  She has lived here all her life, the last 10 years alone since her husband died.  When Saunders can’t budge her, he hires a fixer to get her her off the land.

nggreenfingers06The police show up the next day after someone hears screams coming from her house. They find her in the garden burying something — her fingers.  They get her to the hospital, but she dies from the loss of blood.  The elderly doctor says he remembers “the widow Bowen” from when he was a kid.  Hmmm, she said her husband died 10 years ago, so this guy would have been about a 55 year old kid.

That night, Saunders stops by the property.  He sees Ms. Bowen’s hands coming up through the soil and panics.  When he looks again, there is a hole in the ground which he inexplicably lowers himself into.  He hears her singing in the house.  Her green fingers have grown into a new Ms. Bowen.

nggreenfingers11He runs outside and breaks the fourth wall, addressing the camera.  I assume at that point he goes mad.

One of the best.


  • Twilight Zone Legacy:  George Keymas was in Eye of the Beholder.  Bill Quinn was in the TZ Movie, but that doesn’t count.
  • Else Lanchester played the Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Greensleeves plays throughout the episode.
  • Skipped Segment #1: The Funeral.  The second and final of Richard Matheson’s contributions to Night Gallery.  Neither were of the quality of his TZ work.
  • Skipped Segment #2: The Tune in Dan’s Cafe.  Meh.


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