Publix Trash Bags

While Publix was absolutely amazing after Irma, I have to question their judgment here.  Is this really the best way to market trash bags?

Hmmm, what I’m looking for is something guaranteed to attract the attention of the animal that lives with me.  In fact, my ideal bags would make the garbage so irresistible that he will get up on his hind legs and check out the contents.  Can I also use these outdoors to attract raccoons?

Do you also have any cans that he can more easily tip over?  Maybe something with no lid, that is wider at the top so it is a little top-heavy?  They’re all like that?  Perfect, just what I’m looking for.

No, that’s it.  Oh, and a 55-gallon drum of Pine-Sol.

Movie Poster Hell

I guess this is the new thing . . .

So she’s objectified? A mannequin? Granted no more humanity than a coat rack?

He’s a dick?

No idea. Looks like a Bat-Girl poster.

Taking the month of April off to think of a caption . . .

Trunk Release

The emergency trunk release in a rental car I had recently.  Simple, elegant, puts the fun back into kidnapping.

That’s not really fair.  Every time I see this, I get a little vicarious thrill for the stick-person making their escape.  Well done.


Pop — I’m outta here!

Netflix xilfteN

There has got to be a reason for this.

xilften03Yes, they are in 2 different districts, but surely it would be more efficient to have them all open on the same side.  Soon, some MBA will see that .05 seconds can be trimmed off the handling time and ensure carpal tunnel for everyone.

Or maybe having x% of the envelopes open on the opposite side actually helps prevent carpal tunnel.  Now that’s a corporate idea that would impress me.