Alfred Hitchcock Presents – On the Nose (02/16/58)

ahpnose03Fran and Ed are having a nice breakfast before he goes off to work. He notices that she is not wearing her watch and she says that it is being fixed.  Ed mentions that the race track has just re-opened and questions whether she might be going there today.

He asks her if that is why her watch is missing.  This would be one pro-active chick — not even waiting for the bookies to threaten her, she is hocking her watch before the track opens just to get some scratch.  Ed tells her that if she is betting again, there will be no excuses, and no tears — they are through!  You know, unless she hits the trifecta.

After Ed leaves, she goes to the pawn shop and gets her watch back.  When she gets back home, her partner-in-gambling Lana Shank is waiting at her door.  Lana is ecstatic as she hit the Daily Double yesterday, presumably not on Jeopardy, for $268.  She wants Fran to come back to the track with her today, but Fran tells her Ed threatened to divorce her if she started betting again.

ahpnose04Picking up the newspaper, she notices a horse named Pink Angel, then hears a song on the radio by that name.  Armed with this ironclad information, she calls her bookie to place a bet.  Luckily, she is able to control hersellf and hangs up.

Coincidentally the bookie calls her seconds later.  There is the small — literally small — matter of $26.40 she owes to him.  She hasn’t even been to the track since it re-opened, so I’d say this is the most patient bookie on earth.

He comes over, but Fran is only able to come up with $1.55.  Wow maybe $26 wasn’t so small back then.  In the closet, she goes through her husband’s pants but finds nothing. Maybe if she had gone through the bookie’s pants, her problem might have gone away.

ahpnose05Then she gets a bright idea.  A pretty snappy dame when she smiles, she goes downtown and tells a series of strangers that she forgot her purse and needs $.15 for the bus.  She does OK with the suckers (i.e. men), but a woman getting off the bus tells her to ask the police for money. Seeing that she will never make it to $26 that way she shoplifts a $50 compact.

Outside, a man busts her and puts her in a car.  As they are driving, he offers to give her a break.  She doesn’t know how to thank him, but he says, “I’m sure you can think of something if you put your mind to it.”  He peels off a $20 and drops it in her lap as he admits he is not a cop, but can still help her out of a jam.

ahpnose06He says to “pretend I’m your husband for a few minutes”, so she nags him he’s going too fast.  She hits him in the face with her purse, causing them to swerve into a light pole.

She flees the scene, but leaves behind her purse which allows the police to track her to her apartment. They found the $20 and put it in her purse.  After a day more antic than the 4th Indiana Jones movie, the bookie shows up and Fran pays him off.  He offers to place another bet for her, but she tells him she is through forever.

She gets a call from her husband that he suddenly has to fly to Washington.  She remembers a horse named Washington Flyer, so calls her bookie immediately.

A nice, enjoyable episode.  I really thought it was going to end on a happy note with her not gambling again.  Guess I’m just one of those suckers (i.e. men).


  • AHP Deathwatch:  Tharon Crigler still hanging on just as she was in The Motive which just aired 2 weeks earlier.
  • AHP Proximity Alert:  Carl Betz was also just in that recent episode.
  • Fran’s last name is Holland and she is “in Dutch” with the bookie.
  • They live in Apt 3-D but I got nothing for that.
  • The $.15 for the bus would be worth $1.24 today.
  • The $26 for the bookie:  $215.
  • The $50 compact Fran stole  $413.
  • The $20 to be her “husband for a few minutes” — priceless.

One thought on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents – On the Nose (02/16/58)

  1. When she decides to keep gambling at the end, it reminds me of what Don Corleone said to Johnny Fontaine, (not for gambling) “You’ve lived a fool’s life and have come to a fool’s end” But then, I guess that holds for all degenerate gamblers.

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